Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, you can check out the “Super Pink Moon”. This moon has a lot going on, so let’s break it down.

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It’s a super moon, meaning it’ll appear bigger and brighter in the night sky. This happens because it is closer to the earth than it normally is in its rotation around the earth. The moon rotates not in a perfect circle around the earth, but rather more of an elliptical shape. Because of this, there are points in which the moon is closer to the earth, called the perigee. The exact opposite is the point in which the moon is furthest from the earth in its rotation, called the apogee.

Now each year there are around a dozen of each, but each apogee and perigee are a little different. The perigee on April 7th happens to be the closest of them all. At this point the moon will be 221,771 miles away from the earth. This is its closest approach in all of 2020.


It’s called a “pink moon”. This is something that goes back to ancient times. Back in the old days, each full moon was given a nickname. Usually corresponding to the time of the year. For instance, the February full moon is called the Snow Moon. The May full moon is called the Flower Moon. Well the April full moon is called the pink moon. This is because it’s the time of the year in which pink flowers called phlox bloom.

So, head out Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning to see the biggest supermoon of the year. The moon will rise on the horizon at 7:32pm and will set at 7:37am.


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