I went to Walmart at a little after 11 am this morning  shopping for a few Christmas cards. Found my cards but what a nightmare at the checkout lines because only a few of them were open & all with long lines!!

I don't know what kind of crazy situations you have had to deal with during your Christmas shopping this year but my experience at Walmart this morning was ridiculous. I went in at an off time for shopping thinking I could get in and out rather quickly only to find that just a few out of well over 20 check out stands were open with long lines of people trying to check out. That was a little aggravating!!

I'm sure there were a number of people in those long lines that needed to get in, check out and get back to work and I'm sure they had to be wondering why don't you open up some more check out lanes. I think Walmart can afford it!!

I finally went back to the automotive department and ask the cashier there if he could check me out since I only had a few Christmas cards. He was happy to help me and I was on my way.

I have had some other interesting shopping experiences lately as well, like trying to find someone who can help me if I have a question. I have noticed that a number of stores don't concentrate on customer service like they once did and that's a bad position to put themselves in when more and more people are shopping on line for everything from shoes to automobiles. Customer service is one of the biggest reasons why shoppers come to the stores!

If you have had an experience or just want to make a comment please share it with us.

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