We can always find bad news in the press. It’s there everyday. Let's face it — bad news gets clicks and ratings. This story is not bad news. In fact, here is really good news. In July, the price of chicken wings per pound hit their lowest price since 2018.

This is amazing news.

For the past few years, whenever you see food in the headlines, the price of it was reaching record highs. This incredible news means it’s time to celebrate. Given that football season will soon be in full swing, this is especially great. However, football season and increasing demand might mean these low wing prices won't last. This good news may come with a limited time offer.

Here in San Angelo, it's time to spread your wings. Fortunately, we have some great places to go when we want to chow down on wings. Everyone has their favorite, but generally, these are the top five chicken wing locations in San Angelo based on customer ratings.

5) Street Eats — 1827 W Avenue N, San Angelo

Street Eats is family-owned and veteran-owned. Right on the website, Chef Ronnie writes: "My main goal is to help our community. This isn't about making a buck, this is a passion." You can tell when you eat wings at Street Eats that a great deal of work has gone into developing a recipe with the utmost in flavor. There’s only one major complaint about Street Eats: it isn't open 7 days a week.

4) Buffalo Wild Wings — 4521 Sherwood Way 

Some people frown upon chain restaurants. Of course, Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain of restaurants. Another way to look at chain restaurants is that they must be doing something right, otherwise they wouldn't be so successful.

Buffalo Wild Wings as a great variety of wing flavors and styles. One thing that really impresses me about the Buffalo Wild Wings location in San Angelo is that they allow regular customers to post photos of their wings right on their Facebook page. That reveals confidence.

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3) Wingstop — 156 Knickerbocker Road/614 W 29th Street

These two Wingstop locations in San Angelo serve a lot of wings. Overall, customer ratings are high on flavor and varieties.

2) Cork and Pig Tavern — 1407 Knickerbocker Road

The Cork and Pig Tavern features Blue Ribbon Wings. If there is a line where dining meets fine dining, then you will find that the flavor of Cork and Pig Tavern's Blue Ribbon Wings left that line so far behind that one would almost need a whole new category to describe them. To think they're listed as a starter item. Perhaps these starters will leave a finishing impression.

1) Zero One Alehouse — 20 W. Beauregard Avenue

The Buffalo Wings at Zero One Alehouse are served with gorgonzola dipping sauce and your choice of Buffalo or Barbeque sauce. Maybe not the biggest selection of flavors and styles, but then again when you reach a certain level of perfection, there's really no need for distraction. I would always contend that their wings are so much better because they have the perfect craft local beers to serve with it. Argue with me that is not of the utmost importance when we're talking wings.


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