After all of those Walker, Texas Ranger shows on TV, you probably thought Chuck Norris is from Texas. Well you would be wrong...he is actually from Oklahoma. But now by an official proclamation, he is a Texan!

On Tuesday, April 4th, The Texas senate named actor Chuck Norris an honorary Texan...and sealed the decision with a gavel, used by the Senate to claim that the resolution had passed.

Just so you know, the resolution passed unanimously. I would think so! Knowing Chuck's Martial Arts expertise....who would vote against it?  He also received a flag that once flew over the Alamo.

Norris was in Austin with his wife Gena, to discuss their nonprofit organization, Kickstart Kids...which helps students who are struggling to excel in school.

As the ceremony came to a conclusion, Norris posed with the senators in the front of the chambers.

I think it's about time this special honor was bestowed upon Chuck Norris!

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