Cody Jinks, a Texas-based singer/songwriter who is a completely independent country artist with no major label backing, has accomplished what most say is next to  impossible to do and yet he's done it twice! Cody has earned two Certified Gold singles according to the RIAA. With limited national air play he has accomplished something that is usually only done by big mainstream acts.

The Cody Jinks song “Loud and Heavy” from his 2015 album "Adobe Sessions" was Certified Gold on March 31st having sold half a million units in the United States. Then on August 5th, Cody’s “Hippies and Cowboys” from his 2010 album "Less Wise" also went Certified Gold.

These are two of the first tracks to be certified by the RIAA from an independent, non-radio country music artist in the modern era. On top of that, "Loud and Heavy" now has  enough sales and streams to be Certified Platinum by the RIAA. It's just a matter of  making the arrangements to present the plaque to Jinks for his accomplishment.

The man likes to stay busy! Cody Jinks recently announced he has numerous upcoming projects including an acoustic album,  a live album from Red Rocks, a rock EP, a Lefty Frizzell covers album and more to be announced!

We play a lot of Cody Jinks' music on Kickin' Country 103-1 and it's no surprise to his huge fan base that he has gold and platinum Certified status. He's always had it with us!!

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