Great songwriting and an excellent voice that is pure country would be a good description of Texas Country artist Cody Jinks.

Cody has that gravelley, authentic traditional texture that country fans love. Combine that voice with his honest relatable lyrics and you've got a powerful combination for success.

What is very surprising is that Jinks started his musical career as the frontman of Unchecked Aggression, a Fort Worth based metal band which was on the scene from 1997-2003. When the band broke up, Jinks returned to his country roots which he grew up with.

Cody's 2014 album, Adobe Sessions showcases his country twang and rock guitars that Texas Music fans love to hear.

Cody is currently touring all over the country. Hopefully we will get him back in San Angelo before too long!

Check out the above live video performance of Cody's current single “Cast No Stones” from his 'Adobe Sessions' album.