This is going to be a great show as Jon Wolfe comes to Cooper's BBQ Live this Saturday, October 2nd as part of their 2021 Live Concert Series!

Jon Wolfe is a great entertainer with a lot of energy that he brings to the stage along with numerous hit singles that you will hear live.

Jon also just recently came out with a new album on September 1st. In introducing the new album, Jon had this to say on his Facebook page. "The time has finally come, y'all!! Exactly one year ago today, I stepped foot in the Chihuahuan Desert with my favorite crew of creative minds. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that trip would lead to this album, Dos Corazones. Today, we share it with the world - I hope this album makes you dance, laugh, cry, and perhaps inspire something in you. This is the story of Dos Corazones". Wolfe went on to say "This album is all about who I am and what I love. That is Dos Corazones to me. It's the bridge across the chasm between me and my music,".

With 11 years of consistent touring under his belt, 13 consecutive number one songs on the Texas Regional Radio Report, and 6 albums, Jon Wolfe released his 7th project, 'Dos Corazones. We play a lot of Wolfe's music including his latest single "Tequila Sundown" which is on his new album.

Hopefully you can make it to the show this Saturday night at Cooper's BBQ Live. Be sure to get a copy of "Dos Corazones" while your there. Tickets are available at

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