The Green Apple Art Center in Eden is proud to present Joshua Ray Walker this Saturday, September 24th. Check out the video in this post and get your tickets!!

Doors open at 7 with dinner included with your ticket. The show starts at 8! With character-driven songs and an anti-Nashville look, Joshua Ray Walker has been winning hearts and ears since his debut in 2019 by fearlessly breaking the country music mold.

This guy has a great voice!! Check out his very unique sound in this video....

Joshua Ray Walker is in high demand as he is currently touring across the country and in some awesome festivals and venues. Check it out here....

This Friday, September 23rd Joshua will be playing the popular Blue Light in Lubbock. Then it's the Green Apple Arts Center in Eden this Saturday the 24th.

Walker plays the State Fair of Texas in Dallas on Sept 30th. Then it's on to Stillwater, Ok...Austin's famous Antone's Nightclub and a little later...Austin City Limits Music Festival. He is also booked at the Whitewater Amphitheater w/ The Turnpike Troubadours & Muscadine Bloodline in New Braunfels. Those are just some of the Texas dates before heading out of State for a number of shows in California, New Orleans, LA...Mobile, AL...Macon, GA...Gainesville, FL...Jacksonville, FL...Savannah, GA...a number of dates in North and South Carolina...several dates in Alabama, Mississippi and on and on the tour dates continue.
Get your tickets at and come out to the beautiful outdoor music venue in Eden on Saturday, September 24th to enjoy a great show!!
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