Terri Holland who coordinates the annual Cowboy Gathering in San Angelo was pretty excited when she came in for a visit today on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call'.  She had some pretty exciting news to share with us.

The Cowboy Gathering is always a top notch Festival bringing in a line up of great entertainers, arts and crafts booths, food booths, and so much more.

People love the event and come in from around the country.

It has been so successful that it also attracts other city representatives looking to take some ideas from the way the festival is run and incorporate them into their own city's festivals.

Terri came in to explain that 'The Cowboy Festival' is in the running to win top national honors in the Ameripolitan category.

The winner is decided by vote and Terri told us how everyone can help our San Angelo Cowboy Gathering to win this prestigious national award by voting on line.

For full details, check out the above video from this morning's interview on Kickin' Country 103.1.