If you’re a NASCAR driver, I can see how you just have that need for speed, anytime you drive. Evidently, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was feeling that need and got pulled over by a Texas police officer for speeding.

Earnhardt was stopped by police while he was driving to Texas Motor Speedway for the AAA Texas 500 earlier this week. Dale’s fiancee, Amy Reimann, found it pretty amusing and just had to snap a photo of the moment. The resulting tweet has quickly gone viral, and supplied many of Dale’s fans with some hearty laughs. Check it out below.

My little speed racer. #WheelingIt #warning

Amy Reimann
Amy Reimann

Earnhardt may not quite get back on the track yet. He’s been sidelined from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the rest of the season after suffering lingering health issues stemming from a concussion.

However, he is looking forward to being back ASAP! Until then, Dale may want to leave the driving to Amy!


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