Dalton Domino is one of the new faces in Texas Music keen on bringing this music to a brand new generation of listeners. But Domino is more than introspective songwriting, and his critically acclaimed album Corners -- he's a sharer of hilarious, at times inappropriate, and usually self-deprecating pictures on social media.

To close out the year we took a look back at one of the scene's most promising new acts' Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts; we cringed, we laughed, and now we are sharing with you what we found.




Taking my girl to get a pedicure and manicure. A post shared by Dalton Domino (@daltondomino) on


Hanging with @randallkingband's mom and gma. Ha whaaaaaDup

A post shared by Dalton Domino (@daltondomino) on


Only thing money can't buy is true love and Homegrown tomatoes. A post shared by Dalton Domino (@daltondomino) on

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