The Rocky Horror Picture first premiered 47 years ago. Believe it or not, it has been in theaters ever since. Recently, the movie broke the record for the longest-running theatrical release in motion picture history.

Perhaps the reason for the longevity is not just the crazy antics that go along with the film.  The film has so many levels.  For many in the LBGTQ+ community, it was their first opportunity to come out in a sort of shadowed way. That community has come a long way since 1975.

As Barry Bostic recently told Digital Journal, " The fan base is the key. The fans created this whole entertainment. We just made a little movie for five weeks and the fans took it over and they basically stole it from us. The fans keep reinventing it every year.”


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For many of us who spent many a Saturday night clutching that iconic edition of The Cleveland Plain Dealer and carrying a bag full of toast, this movie is pure nostalgia. Not just for 1975, but for all the successive years.

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That's why many of us shiver with anti-----pation knowing that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is returning to the Elta Joyce Murphey Performance Hall at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center on October 28th, sponsored by Urban Salt Kitchen and Bar. Tickets are still available.

The screening is accompanies by a costume contest for a chance to win a special gift basket.

That's not the only Rocky themed event in San Angelo. Angelo Civic Theatre is presenting the 4th Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Sing-along.Tickets include inclusion in raffle drawings, participation bag and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks.

There is a pre-party coming up on Thursday, October 13th at Backbeat.  This costumed affair will be a great place to show off your Rocky themed costumes. A portion of the proceeds will go to Meals for the Elderly.  We just hope they don't include Meatloaf, again.

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