Tax season is already a unpleasant experience for most Americans. Between seeing your hard earned money disappear and attempting to understand a ridiculous taxing system, most of us just want to pull out our hair by the end of it. And, it's about to get worse.

The IRS has been in hot water with Congress and the public for the past couple of years. Lois Lerner, her missing emails, and the targeting conservative groups, are just the tip of the iceberg that has hit the IRS. And all this spells nothing by more frustration for Americans that pay their taxes (the number is dwindling quickly).

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in an employee email,

 People who file paper tax returns could wait an extra week -- or possibly longer -- to see their refund," he wrote, adding: "Taxpayers with errors or questions on their returns that require additional manual review will also face delays.

If you are trying to reach the IRS by phone this year, your in for a nasty surprise. It's estimated that only about half of the 100 million people expected to call this year will be unable to reach a representative. Koskinen mentioned this as well,

We now anticipate an even lower level of telephone service than before, which raises the real possibility that fewer than half of taxpayers trying to call us will actually reach us.

Not only are they legally robbing us, but we get even crappier customer service than we have before.

Yip. Flipping. Yay.

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