The Statesboro Revue is letting all of their fans download their last album 'Ramble On Privilege Creek' for free throughout this week. Download your free copy here. 

This band is gaining so much support from their fans and they have had a number of hugely successful single releases so far. Great songs like 'Huck Finn', 'Fade My Shade Of Black', 'Isabella', and 'Little Girl Like You'.

I had the chance to visit with Stewart Mann, The Statesboro Revue front man, on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' this morning and get a little more insight into where they are now and where they are headed.

Calling from Denver Colorado, Stewart's looking forward to playing with Roger Creager, and loves San Angelo because we like to drink and like to listen to music. On the decision to give away their last album for free, for one week only, he explains that it's not about making money off of merchandise, but cultivating long term fans.

Stewart also touches on why they launched their Pledge Music campaign for their new album, and how much fan interaction means to Statesboro Revue and the way they make music -- find out more about the Pledge Music project here, and pre-order the new album. 
Listen to the full interview below.




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