It's finally here. The Statesboro Revue just released their new album today entitled 'Jukehouse Revival' and it is available pretty much everywhere. I visited with Stewart Mann, lead vocalist for the band this morning on the Kickin' Wake-Up Call.

He said the band is pretty pumped about releasing their new project and are already receiving great feedback from their fans.

The Statesboro Revue has a very unique sound which is made up of a number of influences including Country, Americana, Blues, Southern Rock, and at times a very soulful sound.

I asked Stewart where all of those influences came from and he explained.

These guys have been together since 1998 and have had two very successful albums already. Now their third I have no doubt will be very successful also.

We started playing their first single from 'Jukehouse Revival' on Kickin' Country 103.1 as soon we received it. The song is called 'Undone' and Stewart was inspired to write it by a friend of his who works in the oilfield. He goes on to explain how that song is the centerpiece to this album.

The Statesboro Review has already enjoyed having a number of their songs be success as single releases. Songs like 'Huck Finn', 'Fade My Shade of Black', Live a Little, Isabella, and others.

This band has shared the stage with numerous heavy weights like Los Lonely Boys, the Allman Brothers Band, Cross Canadian Ragweed,  Willie Nelson, Whiskey Myers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Randy Rogers and many more.

They headline all over the country and will be back in San Angelo on September 18th at The House of FiFi DuBois. Be sure to catch the show!

The first video above is the full interview with Stewart Mann from this morning on Kickin Country 103.1.

The 2nd video is a song from one of their earlier projects. It's called 'Huck Finn' which has been one of their biggest songs to date.



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