Mike McClure has been a legend in Texas/Red dirt music for many years so you know he has a ton of friends and mentors, many of which he has lost. His new song “I’m Not Broken” is a tribute to them.

McClure says "All of these great minds and music masters helped form me, and they are gone. So this song is for them. It's a reflection on the past several years of my own life: all I’ve learned about letting go of the past and rising up. Even though I am beat up … I am not broken, and those horns make me want to Van Morrison leg-kick. I think it sets the tone for the whole album."

The new song premiered on The Boot. Check it out!

"I am Not Broken" is the lead song of McClure's forthcoming new album, “Looking Up”. It's his 10th record as a solo artist; his first, Twelve Pieces, came back in 2002, while he was still with the Great Divide, which he co-founded in the early 1990s.

McClure has gone through some major life changes in recent years. He is now one year sober, in a "healthy and love-filled relationship" and practices yoga and meditation. Since coronavirus he's at home more, spending time in the garden, raising chickens and writing, as well as taking time to enjoy the company of his partner and 21-year-old and 17-year-old daughters.

Mike says "Being here at home with them, and being truly present for the first time, has allowed some healing to begin for us all," McClure admits. "It’s been so peaceful and grounding. I'm really grateful for it all."

"Looking Up" is due out on Sept. 25. Fans can learn more at MikeMcClureBand.com.

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