Tanya Tucker is about to release a new album on October 16th entitled "live From the Troubadour".

Live From the Troubadour features 15 songs including many of her biggest hits. Some of those No. 1 hits include “Delta Dawn”, "What's Your Mama's Name", "Strong Enough to Bend", "Blood Red and Goin' Down," and "Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)" and many more of her great songs.

The set also includes Tucker’s iconic first hit, “Delta Dawn,” along with a medley she did on that special night of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" and Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". The show also had Tucker singing six songs from her Grammy-winning album While I’m Livin’.

Tanya says...“It was just a really special time for me,  just to think about all the artists that have sung inside of those walls, and I was so happy how everything sounded. I’m a stickler on that, but the quality of sound on the album is so good. I was really pleased with it. I made a few little changes, but mostly it’s the way it was. There wasn’t a lot of messing with the knobs. It’s truly the way the audience heard it.”

Tucker recently revealed that she will get back out on the road with her own headlining tour in 2021. But until that day comes, Tucker says she will look back fondly on those two nights in October of 2019 at California's legendary Troubadour, when all the world had no idea that a pandemic was waiting just around the corner.

Tucker went on to say...“When you do something all of your life and, all of a sudden, you are not doing it anymore, you can get so depressed. Putting out a live album is really the closest you can get to being on the road. I really miss it. I will never complain again. Just let me get back to touring.”

We are enjoying Tanya Tucker being featured on Stoney LaRue's current single "Meet In The Middle" which we play on Kickin' Country 103-1.

Below is the track list for Tanya Tucker's "Live From the Troubadour" album.

“Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)”
“Jamestown Ferry”
“What’s Your Mama’s Name, Child”
“Blood Red and Goin’ Down”
“Strong Enough to Bend”
“I’m on Fire / Ring of Fire (Medley)”
“Mustang Ridge”
“The Wheels of Laredo”
“I Don’t Owe You Anything”
“High Ridin’ Heroes”
“Hard Luck”
“Bring My Flowers Now”
“Texas (When I Die)”
“It’s a Little Too Late”
“Delta Dawn”

That's a lot of great songs from a living legend...Tanya Tucker. Be sure to get your copy of the album!

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