Apple fans often have the attitude that I’ve got to have the latest and greatest iPhone they have released. Same with their computers and other products. 

It took Apple 38 years after it’s beginning to become the first American company to be valued at $1 trillion which happened in 2018Now, after two short years the company has doubled their worth and are now valued at $2 trillion. 

Even after having overcome the shutdown of factories in China along with closing retail outlets due to COVID-19, their shares have still gained nearly 60% this year. 

Interest in investing in Apple was also boosted with the announcement three weeks ago about an upcoming for-for-one stock split that will make the company’s shares more affordable. 

It’s interesting to note that just five companies which are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google’s parent company make up nearly 23% of the S&P 500’s entire value. 

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