Flatland Cavalry is based in Lubbock, TX and this band is really coming on strong. They're also coming to Midnight Rodeo in San Angelo this Friday night (June 30th)...

Flatland Cavalry has built a solid fan base which continues to expand with every show and they are on the road a lot.

The band is so well loved by their fans that in 2015 they were able to put out their first project, an EP called 'Come May'. That was possible because of a big fan driven fundraiser so they could record, distribute, and promote it.

Due in large part to the success of 'Come May', combined with a lot of touring....Flatland Cavalry recorded their 1st full length album 'Humble Folks' which they released on April 1st, 2016 and are now enjoying success with.

The band's current single is called 'A Life Where We Work Out' and is doing very well on the Texas Music Charts! I have posted the above music video of the song to get you ready for Friday's show.

Be sure to listen to the Kickin' Wake-Up Call between 6 & 10 am this Friday morning to win your spot on the Kickin' Country/Midnight Rodeo guest list! I'll see you at the show!!

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