The funniest news bloopers of May are here, courtesy of the YouTube page “News Be Funny”.

Serious question. Are some of these local newscaster doing their job from home HOPING their pets, kids or spouses get into the shot? Is this a strategy to go viral? Because it seems like, if you’re doing a five minute weather segment, you’d be able to put them in a separate room. Well, maybe not the spouse but the pets and the kids for sure.

Here’s the video but here are some of my favorite highlights, curated just for you.

  • :34---This is in a foreign tongue so I have no idea what they’re talking about. But, cats with collar bells boxing each other is hilarious in any language!
  • 1:23—It’s the Hot Pocket burglar from the True Crime story we had last week. He broke into a bank so he could microwave a hot pocket. “Was it worth it?” “HELL, yeah”.
  • 1:51---Newscasts in the U.K. continue their downward spiral into shoddiness.
  • 2:08---Ohhhh. It’s because they’ve replaced so many camera operators and producers with automation. It’s even a problem in Omaha.
  • 3:10---I remember her! It’s the “Wash them hands for 30 seconds” girl from that renegade redneck beach party in Beaumont! “I’m gravy, baby!”

Honestly, the rest of the reel is 90% pets interrupting newscasters.

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