So two Saturdays ago I found my self out and about scavenging garage sales to see if I could find a new treasure, only to be greatly surprised by one local businesses contribution to a local church.

Sometimes I like to go out to see if I can find something of use or a new toy that someone else is getting rid of and more times than not I find that I have spent most of my morning prowling around old dusty garages and carports to come up pretty much empty-handed. But this Saturday was a totally different story.



I had a list of all the garage sales that I wanted to attend and after attending a few of them I had decided to go to Gandy Ink, a local screen printing and embroidery shop that does great work and has been around for as long as I can remember. They were getting rid of their back stock of t-shirts, polos, and already screen printed items that had been rejected or not picked up. I mean honestly who couldn't use a few more t-shirts in the closet? My girlfriend and I had completed our shopping they told us that if we came back 30 minuets before they closed they were going to sell everything you could fit in a box for $5.00. So we left and decided to call all our friends that we could think of so that they could get in on the bargain.



We commenced in our escapade of garage sales and came up pretty empty handed so we decided to head back to Gandy Ink to see what kind of bargains we could gain on our second trip. We ended packing up a couple of boxes of shirts and such to take home, but this is where the story takes the best turn. A gentleman asked them what they were going to be doing with the extra shirts they had left over after their sale, and the young lady replied, “Well, we will see if we can find someone in need of them and give them some of them or we will just throw them out."

That's when he told her that he was affiliated with Forgiven Ministries and that they would like to use the shirts for their toy drive they hold each year for needy children that may not be receiving a Christmas gift that year. It was only 10 minutes later that all of the remaining shirts were boxed up and loaded on to a trailer for the Forgiven Ministries to use for their toy drive this coming year.  The photo above is the trailer that was loaded with the boxes of shirts that Gandy Ink donated along with some of the Forgiven Ministries members.

I will say that its not often that you see a business donate somewhere around $5000 worth of product to a group to use for mission work. I think that businesses like this deserve to have local people support them for the support that they give to the community. Gandy Ink will forever be held in my book of upstanding businesses in the Concho Valley for their generous actions.

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