There's a little outfit out of El Paso, TX called the Dirty River Boys that are unlike anything I've ever seen.  Prepare to have your faces melted not just by the Texas heat but the talent that will be on the Stillwater stage.


The Dirty River Boys are back in town this weekend and ready to melt your face at Stillwater Bar & Grill this Saturday night.  These guys have a very unique style that you really don't see to much.  The music is folky, country and definately a little dirty.  The Dirty River Boys use a different style of percussion as they don't use a full traditional drum set, they instead use a Cajón.  They actually played the Allsup's Stage at Larry Joe Taylor's Music Festival this past year and drew quite the crowd.  As always the concert will be an all ages show and don't forget about the pirks of Stillwater.  Come hungry, grab some grub and some drinks and bring your friends.  Heck, bring mom, dad, granny and everybody you know to Stillwater.  It'll be a show you won't want to miss.

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