Granger Smith got punked recently by Albany's 107.7 WGNA’s Nick Kessler who continues a series of Worst Interview's he has been doing with various artist.

Smith was introduced to Kessler to tape an interview, Granger of course not knowing what was to come.

Nick starts the interview by saying he refuses to sell out and have his interviews sponsored. Then he promptly opens a can of Smith’s YeeYee energy drink while reading about the drink as the camera zooms in for a closeup of the can!
They talk about boots, sandals, Ranger Granger, Stranger Granger, and more.

As I mentioned, it’s all part of an ongoing series with Kessler pretending to be an inept interviewer for fun.

Granger Smith, a long time Texas music artist, has been enjoying the National limelight for a while now, along with his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger is a very talented guy as well as a great guy...and we wish him continued success on the National Platform.

Take a moment to check out the interview I just described in the above video...It's pretty funny!



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