Texas Country artist Granger Smith combined with the popularity of his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. have enjoyed success on the national scene for a while. Well, get ready because Granger is introducing a new personality to you...

Granger's country boy alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. is already famous, but Smith is now taking things to the next level with the introduction of 'Dwayne the Roadie', the undiscovered 'best roadie in the world'.

Dwayne wears a Korn T-shirt, white shades, baseball cap, gloves and scarf and says he does everything a roadie would do like rolling cables, picking up guitars, sweeping floors, checking for stage safety, and more.

It’s known that Earl Dibbles Jr. can sing, with the success of  'The Country Boy Song' among others. We don't yet know if Dwayne has musical talent. I'm sure we will find out!

The above video will give you a look at 'Dwayne the Roadie' in action. Check it out!!


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