One of Granger Smith’s most personal songs off His 'Remington' album is 'Tractor.' Smith wrote the tune in honor of his father, who passed away before Smith released the record.

Now, Smith honors his dad along with his Texas heritage in the music video for 'Tractor.' The video was shot at their family ranch in Texas and even features the aging tractor that inspired the tune. In the video, a silver-haired man drives the old tractor across the ranch.

Smith shared on Facebook that everything about the video is personal. Granger says ... 'The man isn’t an actor, he’s my dad’s lifelong best friend. This isn’t a music video set, it’s dad’s barn, dad’s field, dad’s tractor. I still miss him every day.' Smith eventually shows up in the video with his own son, too.

Granger had said a while back that he was actually hesitant to put 'Tractor' on the record, but the song obviously means a lot to him, and it clearly matters to his brother, too, who manages him. It’s a family affair with Granger Smith, and that makes this new video for 'Tractor' that much more special.

Smith is currently at home healing up from a nasty mid-concert fall, which broke several ribs and punctured a lung.

Check out the above Music Video to Granger Smith's 'Tractor' song!