Over a century after their infamous family feud ended, the Hatfields and McCoys have made history once again, this time on TV. History’s three-part miniseries, which concluded last night, is now the highest rated non-sports broadcast in basic cable history. That’s something any Hatfield or McCoy would be proud of.

The Wednesday night conclusion to the Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton-headlining series brought in 14.3 million viewers, breaking the series’ own record for its Monday night premiere, which pulled in 13.9 million. Tuesday’s telecast was down a bit, with 13.1 million viewers. Together, all three nights hold the top three positions as the highest rated telecasts in basic cable history.

The highly successful series marks the first scripted endeavor for History, after the network passed on Canadian-produced Katie Holmes vehicle, ‘The Kennedys’ which found a home on ReelzChannel.

Perhaps southern families should engage in 28-year feuds more often. Of course, with this kind of success, maybe they’ll start feuding again for ‘Hatfields & McCoys 2: Get Off My Lawn!’

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