Rockin' Rodeo gets a little rocked from a night with No Justice!



Last Thursday No Justice put on a show that definitely 'justified' them coming back soon!  Okay, maybe the 'justified' comment was a little corny but you pick up what I'm puttin' down.  They rocked it!  Played all the old favorites and currents along with some new ones we've not heard yet.  I'm really looking forward to the release of 'America's Son' in a couple months.

One thing that is always cool about the guys from No Justice is they will stay, hang out and shoot the breeze with everybody all night long.  Look forward to more good things from these guys from the incredible albums to the energetic and explosive shows.  Maybe just take shot in the dark and be at the next show.  They'll have a toast with you before you get going.  Heck they may even sing you a love song, especially if you're a pretty girl in a red dress.

-Ben Ryan

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