If only your expenses ended after buying a new or used vehicle. Ah, but it's only the beginning. As any car owner knows, it takes quite a bit of money to keep that vehicle operating between gasoline, repairs and insurance. 


Bankrate.com has broken down what car ownership costs by state with data provided by GasBuddy.com and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

The cheapest state to own an automobile in the country? That would be Iowa at $1,942. The most expensive might surprise you: it's Wyoming at $2,705 annually.

Here are the top five least expensive states for car ownership:
1. Iowa $1,942
2. Ohio $1,973
3. Illinois $1,999
4. Idaho $2,001
5. Wisconsin $2,018

And the five most expensive states:
1. Wyoming $2,705
2. Louisiana $2,555
3. Florida $2,516
4. Mississippi $2,487
5. New Jersey $2,421

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