Willie Nelson is a very interesting man. He shared some of his thoughts on everything from American politics to drugs in a recent interview with The Washington Post...

Journalist Libby Casey, a huge Willie fan, conducted the interview with Nelson. When Casey mentions people wrote his name in for president, Willie responded by saying...'Mama, don’t let them babies grow up to be president'. Nelson went on to say 'The first thing I’m going to do when I get elected is make ‘f**k it’ one word.'

On a Serious note, Nelson says 'the key to coming together is realizing we’re not all right all the time. And, for some people, they just won’t sit at the table.' Nelson says 'There’s a few people out there that really don’t get it you know, that are kind of hung up somewhere. But, Nelson says...'the majority of people he talks to at least recognize there’s a problem'.

Nelson says... 'there’s a problem with the way we vote. But he also notes that voting is one of the best ways to at least start to make a difference.'

They then talked about Nelson’s own brand of marijuana, laughing at the name 'Stone Age Gardens.' He briefly chats about the current administration and attorney general cracking down on drugs and comparing heroin to marijuana. Nelson says...'send him a message to try heroin and then try marijuana and then call me. He doesn’t know.'

During the interview, Nelson starts writing a song based on the newspaper’s slogan. 'That’s great, that would be a great song,' Nelson says. 'Democracy dies in darkness. You gotta have a light so you can see.'

They also discuss one of Nelson’s more lighthearted songs, 'Still Not Dead' which references all the Willie Nelson death hoaxes throughout the years. Willie says...“That’s been going on so long it all got kind of funny.'

Just for fun, take a moment to check out the above video to Willie Nelson's 'Still Not Dead'!

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