Hey, what about Thanksgiving?

A question that pops up often in many different homes in America, 'When is the best time to decorate?' Here at Townsquare Media, I put up the decorations Nov. 1st, the day after Halloween. With the current temperatures running in the 80's, it didn't feel like Halloween.

The main reason I hung the decorations so quickly, I didn't want to spend the time putting them up and three weeks later box it all up again. I wanted to enjoy the office coziness.

Shannon Lewis, Townsquare Media

Plus, I love to see my co-workers laugh and shake their heads cause It's like Christmas threw up in our office.

Most importantly, I want to hear your opinion. When do you put up your decorations? Do you think we should wait till black Friday to whip out antique decorations? Or just go ahead and throw them up when the time allows?

What do you think? Let us know!

Shannon Lewis, Townsquare Media