When George Lucas sold his 'Star Wars' empire to Disney, there was a question of who then would control Indiana Jones, as the films were made by Lucasfilm but distributed by Paramount. Today it was ironed out that Disney now controls the rights to all future Indiana Jones adventures.

Going by what Variety reported, it appears that Disney had the rights to the character and all future adventures when they bought Lucasfilm, but didn't control distribution or marketing. Now all that will be taken care of by Disney, though Paramount will still own the four previous films (so don't expect a new box set any time soon), and will be given a cut of any future Jones adventures.

And though Harrison Ford is currently 71, the possibility of a fifth entry is very real. At the time of the release of 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Steven Spielberg, Lucas and Ford all suggested that they were game for more, while the last word about Harrison Ford's involvement with 'Star Wars: Episode 7' suggested that he would participate only if they started work on the fifth entry. Currently there is no script , but as Disney now controls this asset completely it's more than likely they will pursue a new 'Indiana Jones' film.

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