We are so lucky to have such a vibrant community.  There are many things that add to the quality of life in San Angelo. The Railway Museum of San Angelo is one amazing example.  For 25 years, this incredible museum has tantalized children and adults alike.

It seems, as popular as this area landmark is with many people in our community, there are others determined to destroy it. Over the weekend, vandals struck the museum. The damage is devastating.  According to a post on the Railway Museum Facebook page,  on Saturday, the museum discovered a shattered window on the door of the outdoor Santa Fe Railroad caboose.  The post says that the damage appeared to be intentional.

That alone would have been bad enough. On Monday, Railway Museum Board President, Suzanna Valenzuela received a call from a neighbor stating that the mini caboose at the corner of Chadbourne and Hardeman Pass had been knocked over. As bad as it looked on initial inspection, it was even worse when examined closely.

Someone had drove off the Chadbourne Street path and headed south striking a tree and then the caboose, severely damaging it and dragging it 15 feet from its original location. The caboose, which has delighted so many, may be beyond repair.

The museum and San Angelo Police are investigating. If you have any information about who did that damage, you can anonymously contact the San Angelo Poice tip line at 325-658-HELP.

Likewise, if you would like to help the museum with repairs,  donations are always welcome. This would be a great time for our community to pull together and help restore this amazing caboose.

There will always be people determined to tear down what others enjoy. The San Angelo community has a tremendous opportunity here to stand together and work to keep our incredible Railway Museum vibrant and strong for visitors and residents alike.

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