Everybody likes their steak a certain way and if you're looking for some good steak, there's some great places in Houston, Dallas and Austin Texas even here in East Texas but if you want the BEST in Texas, head down to Pearland.

How Do You Like Your Steak?


Let's start with HOW do you like your steak? I'm a Medium Rare to Medium Well type of guy, with light salt and pepper and NO SAUCE. Yes, I'm one of those purists that believes that a GREAT steak is even better when you DON'T have to add sauce to it.

I also can't do "well done" because you end up looking crazy like "Lisa From Temecula" in this SNL skit sawing at a hard well done steak:



Photo by Stu Moffat on Unsplash
Photo by Stu Moffat on Unsplash

According to Seven Sons, these are the Top 10 favorite cuts of steak:

1 Flank

2 New York Strip

3 Skirt

4 Ribeye

5 Prime Rib

6 Tenderloin

7 Sirloin

8 Porterhouse

9 T-Bone

10 Filet Mignon

Flank steak is great but a good New York Strip or Ribeye works for me. But now that we've established how we like our steak let's get into the details about the BEST steakhouse in Texas according to Lovefood.

They Chose A Steakhouse In Pearland, TX As The Best In The State

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Lovefood, Killen's Steakhouse In Pearland is the best in the state. The reason they chose them is:

Led by Le Cordon Bleu-trained executive chef Ron Killen, Killen’s is an elegant place to relish perfectly cooked hand-cut steaks. From wet-aged USDA Prime beef to Snake River Farms Wagyu, the selection of steaks is almost overwhelming, with everything your heart (and stomach) might desire. The steaks are accompanied by a great selection of sides and excellent appetizers – we have our eye on the Korean barbecue-marinated Wagyu skewers.

So if you find yourself in the Houston area soon, stop by and let me know what's good there or if you've been, tell us what cuts to order and try!

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