There is nothing more natural for men than urination, peeing, or taking a wizz. However you say it, most men do it the same way. Peeing while standing up just seems natural. After all, that's the whole principle behind the urinal.

Anyone who has ever had to clean up the mess after men who miss might beg to differ.

That is a topic for a whole other conversation.

Urologist Dr. Gerald Collins at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, northwest England says men should be peeing while sitting down. He made the claim after a YouGov report was released on Friday detailing the urination habits of men worldwide.

This report found that worldwide, German men are most likely to sit down while urinating.  They even have a word for men who do it, "sitzpinkler"

Mexican men are least likely to sit down while peeing.  American men are not far behind.

Dr.Collins says there are many valid health reasons for men to sit down while urinating. He told the UK Telegraph that it is the most efficient way to pee because it relaxes the pelvis and spine completely making it easier to fully empty your bladder.

He says it also helps men with BPH, which is benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as an enlarged prostate.  This condition is common in men over 40.

Not everyone embraces this news. Many people are all over social media saying this whole peeing while sitting down business for men is propaganda to degrade masculinity.

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One thing is for sure, sitting down while urinating is good for anyone who has ever had to clean up after a man with horrible aim. There are certain things no one should step in on the bathroom floor first thing in the morning.

Unfortunately, if men stopped peeing while standing up, there might have to be some sort of re-tooling for the urinal cake industry.  I couldn't find any figures for the total number of people employed in the urinal cake industry, but I would hate them to be out of work.

Surely, somebody can think of some other uses.

In the meantime, I hear what this doctor is saying, but I don't see this catching on anytime soon.  It would be sad if a whole generation of boys were to grow up and lose the opportunity to write their names in urine the snow.

Ask any Texas man who has accidentally peed on an electric livestock fence how they feel about all this. Chances are there is at least one time he wishes he had sat down to do it.

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