There is a museum for almost everything under the sun. Some of the weirdest ones are here in Texas. If you're looking for a great holiday adventure this year, take a little tour of the strange.  You can start in San Angelo.

One of the ten wackiest Texas museums is right here in San Angelo. Our first stop on the list of weird Texas museums is San Angelo's Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

1) Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum 18 E Concho Avenue San Angelo

Miss Hattie's makes the universal list of most unusual museums in Texas.  Memorializing one of Texas' most famous "gentlemen's social centers", Miss Hattie's is a great place to see how men found entertainment in the Old West. Miss Hattie's is a great place to experience the boozing, gambling, and prostitution of the wild days of San Angelo's past.

Photo: Texas Bucket List via YouTube
Photo: Texas Bucket List via YouTube


2) The Texas Prison Museum I-45 Walker, Texas If you've ever wanted to know everything there is to know about prison life, but didn't want to get locked up, here is where you must go. There are incredible exhibits including the Contraband Exhibit, The Famous Prisoners exhibit, and "Old Sparky" an electric chair that fried 361 prisoners between 1924 and 1964.

3) The National Museum of Funeral History 415 Barren Springs Drive Houston, Texas:

This museum offers a look at the cultural heritage of the funeral service industry. This is the largest collection of funeral artifacts in the US. The museum traces the history of funeral services, displays historic hearses, and provides memorabilia from the funerals of the famous Michael Jackson, JFK, and even Grace Kelley. There is a new exhibit centered around 9/11.

The museum is even working on bringing a certified copy of the Shroud of Turin, thought to have been the burial cloth of Jesus, to display at the museum in time for Easter 2023. Everything you ever wanted to know about funerals through world history can be found in this museum.

4) The Toilet Seat Museum 5959 Grove Lane at the Truck Yard in the Colony, TX

 Barney Smith collected over 1400 toilet seats and housed them in his garage just outside San Antonio until his death in 2019 at the ripe old age of 97. Now, the museum continues at the Truck Yard in Colony.  Barney's collection of toilet seats covers historic events and celebrities. The museum is now free and open to the public.  You gotta "go".

5) The Devi's Rope Barbed Wire Museum 100 Kingsley Street McLean TX:

This incredible tribute to the wire that tamed the Texas frontier reopens in March. Exhibits include a photographic history of the Dust Bowl, entanglement wire used in warfare, different styles of barbed wire, and fencing tools. There are exhibits centered around Old Route 66 including maps, photos, vintage gas pumps, vintage signs, and a 1950's era diner.

The Old West museum includes the Evolution of the Cowboy, Branding and Ranching history, and an old wagon.


As big as Texas is, there is room for a lot of weird. Take a weird road trip this holiday season and experience some of it right here in Texas.



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