Not all summer songs come across as fun and breezy. Too often they’re saturated with sugar or references to the juniper in Georgia or how hot the sun in Oklahoma shines on the scorched earth. JB and the Moonshine Band don’t overthink things with their new single ‘No Better Than This.’ It’s an easy emotion tied up in under three minutes.

She got her shades on / She’s looking strong / Singing that Waylon song / Man it really turns me on,” they sing to begin the song.

Aside from a guitar solo bridge, there isn’t any notable instrumentation from the band, nor should there be. The song is meant for the beach or the deck of a pontoon — two places where there’s no electricity.

The chorus goes: “Sun bouncing off the water / We just chilling on this boat / The hardest thing we have to do is just watch that bobber float / We got a cooler full of cold beer and stringer full of fish / It don’t get no better than this.”

The song is from the band’s ‘Beer for Breakfast’ album, released in March 2012. The Texas country foursome will have plenty of opportunities to play ‘No Better Than This’ live through summer, which lasts until at least October in the Lone Star State. It’s a track that will surely go over well with a concert audience.

“That bikini top / Is barely hangin’ on / How about a little sun block / And letting me rub it on,” frontman JB Patterson sings to begin the second verse. The Moonshine Band’s new song becomes instantly memorable, riding along a fun — but not too cheesy — hook and melody.

4 Stars

Listen to JB and the Moonshine Band, ‘No Better Than This’

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