There are two reasons to be excited about the J. P. W. Learning Center 100 for $100 art event this evening, June 18th. First you will  walk away with a beautiful piece of art, and the second is you helped such a wonderful organization to continue their mission of providing opportunities for all alternative educational instruction. These children and adults who experiencing difficulties as a result of Dyslexia and/or other learning differences are greatly helped by this organization.

I visited with Mary Ann Cochran, Executive Director for the J.P.W. Learning Center and she explained how the 100 for $100 works, and she also talked about the artists involved. For $100 you can be assured of leaving this evening with a beautiful work of art, and they have a fun way of deciding how the art pieces are acquired. You can listen to the full interview in the video above.

There will also be a variety of delicious foods to enjoy, and if you just want to attend without being involved in the 100 for $100, you can enjoy the food and fun for just $50. Click here to purchase your tickets to tonight's event.

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