The Judson Cole Band is asking for your help to help a local sound man and friend of the band.

If you've been to many concerts in West Texas, you've likely seen or run into Jeff McGuire. Jeff is one of the guys behind the scenes that makes the concerts you attend sound good. He's also a respected man in the music business and loved by a lot of bands and artists on the Texas and Red Dirt scene.

Recently Jeff has been hospitalized with Sepsis, bone infection and blood poisoning. A Go Fund Me account has been established by Jeff's friend Ray Hanusch to help with Jeff's medical expenses. So far almost $5,700 has been raised for a $10,000 goal set by Hanusch. Click the above post from the official Judson Cole Band Facebook page to help out

And tell us Concho Valley, if you are going to help Jeff get better! Sound off and let us know in the below comment section.

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