Kacey Musgraves addressed the illegal manufacturing of products featuring her lyrics in a message on instagram last weekend. She stressed that this happens to many artists and is not fair.

The Texas native posted a photo of herself holding a wooden sign [pictured above] that a major western wear retailer was selling without her permission that featured “Mind your own biscuits & life will be gravy. Kacey is encouraging  people to let her know if they see any other products like this as she posted the following statement....

“Heads up! This sign was found being sold in a major corporate western wear chain. (It’s now pulled off the shelves) but it, along with SO MANY other countless items with my song lyrics [and sometimes my name] are being illegally manufactured and sold in not only major chains but in smaller retailers too. My lyrics are being ripped off so many times and, naturally, nobody buying this stuff would ever know that the people who actually CREATED these lyrics are seeing ZERO benefits. It’s a huge problem I face every day. There are correct ways to go about using intellectual property to sell and it’s not being done. And yeah, sure, it’s flattering and it’s “getting my message out there” but I’ve got bills to pay, too. Theft is not a compliment. (My livelihood is my songwriting) Anyway, it just makes me kinda sad and I wanted y’all to know that I currently have not authorized any of my lyrics to be put on anything for sale in ANY major retailers or boutiques of any kind. If you support me and my music please just go to my website and shop or come to a show. And please lemme know if you see anything out there. I’m down to fight it. This happens to SO many writers. Think before you buy. The product might be cute but stealing ain’t.”


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