This guy is so good...and he is coming to Midnight Rodeo this Friday Night! If you love a traditional straight up true and honest country sound, you will really enjoy this show.....

When you listen to Cody's pure country baritone voice, it's hard to believe that years ago, he was the front man for a heavy metal band called 'Unchecked Aggression' out of Ft. Worth. That band achieved a bit of success, but not like Cody has enjoyed after going solo and discovering his country roots!

He has four albums out, the latest of which is called 'Adobe Sessions' which has produced numerous singles like 'Loud And Heavy', 'Mamma Song', 'We're Gonna Dance', and his current single 'Cast No Stones' which at #2 on the Texas Music Chart this week and headed for #1.

He is about to head out of State to tour the West Coast with numerous dates lined up like Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other dates in California. He is also playing in Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and quite a few more cities before returning to Texas.

Check out the above video to Cody Jinks' latest single 'Cast No Stones' and get ready for a great show this Friday night at Midnight Rodeo! Listen for your chance to call in and get on the Kickin' Country guest list this week.

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