Many may recall the story I wrote about my 21-year-old cousin, Whitley, and her battle with cancer.  We asked for your support and you delivered in overwhelming amounts.


In May, Whitley and her sister went to the doctor for what they thought were severe cases of Pneumonia. They were both treated with medicine, but Whitley’s cough continued. After many tests, doctors told Whitley what she thought was a cold was actually lung cancer. Not long after that, doctors realized Whitley’s cancer was far worse than expected. It had spread throughout her body and into her blood.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital turned Whitley away because they felt they couldn’t properly treat such an advanced stage of cancer. She then turned to  M.D. Anderson where she's starting her first rounds of Chemotherapy.

In an effort to raise her spirits, family, friends, musicians, and complete strangers filmed encouraging videos to show their support. Below is a synopsis of Whitley’s journey and the beautiful efforts of strangers around the nation who came together to share their support of young Whitley.


Whitley has had quite the battle these past couple of months and the support her and our family have received is beyond awesome.  Whitley has been doing fairly well but returns to Houston this Friday for another round of Chemo.  About a week and a half ago she had to go back to the hospital to have just over 2 liters of fluid drained from her chest which is quite the painful process. She held in there and was strong.  I was able to visit her the weekend of July 6th and we had a great visit, I brought her some Texas/Red Dirt CDs and a couple hats.  She was in high spirits but could tell still hurting.  Whitley is a strong and motivated young lady and is going to beat this.  That being said, on behalf of Whitley and my family I want to thank each and every one of you that sent in videos, prayers and positive thoughts for Whitley and the family.  We can't thank you enough and I would hug each and every one of you. I'm sure Whit would, too.  Due to the overwhelming amount of videos we received, this is only the first montage and we wanted Whitley to see it before the next round of Chemo.  Once again, thank you.  Whitley, we love you and I'll see you again soon. - Ben

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