It's Christmas time and this week is about celebrating it with family and friends. Students are on break, people are traveling to be with their families, and many artist and band members are taking a break to be with their loved ones as well. Therefore, many of the local clubs are taking a break from the live music they normally bring you and will be ready to heat up the stage again after the holidays.

That having been said, there are only a few venues that we know of having live music this week. Nevertheless...Chris Austin and myself are ready to bring you what we do know about the live music scene in the Concho Valley this week as we 'Kick It Around'.

The House of FiFi DuBois is bringing you a very special 'Get Western Wednesday'.

Blaine's Pub offers you a very popular local band this Saturday night.

The Lagoon Lounge has a great local entertainer who is in a couple of very popular local bands and does an awesome job singing and playing organ and piano as a solo performer.

Chris and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and we appreciate you being a member of our Kickin' Country Family!