In case you haven't heard already, Mark McKinney is in town at Blaine's Pub Saturday night. Mark always brings a party to the stage so get ready! 


Mark is a West Texas Boy from Big Spring who has accomplished so much in his career to this point! His current album is 'Standing My Ground'. which has produced several hits for the man and he just keeps turning them out.

Mark has six albums and numerous hits to his credit now and he is just getting warmed up good.

This guy has given us some very solid songs including:'She Ain't Leavin', 'Stolen Cash', 'Lonely Bones', 'Bonfire', 'Long Night Coming On', 'The River Song', 'Middle America', and that's just for starters.

'Maybe We Should' is his current hit single from the album 'Standing My Ground'.

Good things are happening for McKinney and I am proud for him. He is a great guy with a ton of talent and this is a great show to put on your weekend schedule Saturday night at Blaine's Pub.

Here is a Mark McKinney Video to get you ready for a great show....


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