Do you find yourself scrolling through the channels on the idiot tube wandering what to watch? I have the perfect solution for you!


I have discovered that when rednecks make it to television its probably not a good thing, most of the time we are describing the tornado or the wreck that we saw just moments before the news crew arrived. But what happens when you put rednecks on television that have made one of the most sought after product lines in the redneck world? You get a show called Duck Dynasty!

This has become my new favorite show to watch and consumes more than 30 percent of my dvr so that I am sure to not miss an episode.  So the story line is pretty much the everyday life of the Robertson family who has put the duck call into a league of its own. Previously on Duck Commander on the Outdoor Channel, the Robertson family has turned making duck calls into a multi billion dollar business and the show takes you on the everyday journey of having rednecks work together and play together.

Be sure to check out the finale coming on Wednesday night on A&E. Until then, watch this hilarious video:

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