It's summertime so we're all looking forward to tan bodies, water, and bikinis. I have made a pledge a couple summers ago to never tan indoor. I decided to make this public. 


It's no secret, indoor tanning is bad for you.  I know we all want to look our best, but indoor tanning increases your chances of getting melanoma by 75%.  More than 1 million people, usually age 18-29, tan everyday. Just think, over 1 million people are dramatically increasing their chances of getting a form of cancer daily.  Every year, there is more than 3,000 emergency room visits due to indoor tanning. I found all this information on

There is nothing good that comes from indoor tanning.  I have made a vow to myself to never tan indoors. Yes, I have before when I was in high school, but after much research, I pledge to never tan again. Please join me in this pledge, and save your skin! I stay tan all year long and never tan.  Here is an article with a list of tanning lotions that help you bronze and keep you tan all year long for cheap!


My favorite tanning lotion isn't on this list. But here is my favorite, it's made by Jergens! It's under $9, and really is a good self tanner. You use it everyday after you shower as your lotion. It tans you daily and it has a pretty shimmer :)



Tell me what your favorite tanning lotion is in the comments section below.

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