NBA All-Star Steph Curry may be the last person you'd think should be chatting up Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, at a time like this. But if you want to reach a younger demo, and share important life-saving information with them, he's certainly one of the first people you could call.

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Steph spent nearly 30 minutes asking President Trump's advisor some common questions, and then he shared the conversation on social media. The Spun transcribed the entire conversation, you can read it in its entirety right here. Here are a few highlights for you:

Is it really more serious than the flu?  Fauci said it's shown to be "10 times" worse than influenza . . . both because it's "very, very much more transmissible," and because of its "significantly more serious" death rate.

Can you get COVID-19 a second time?  "We haven't done the specific testing to determine that.  But if it acts like every virus similar to it . . . the chances are overwhelming that if you get infected, and recover from infection, that you are not going to get infected with the same virus."

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