Danny Herrin's new EP "Project Honkytonk" is sure to blaze up the Texas music chart.

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in the Central Texas Hill Country, Denny Herrin expresses his small town roots through his music. Denny’s earliest introduction to music and country western dancehalls is credited to his parent’s love of the genre and honky-tonk atmosphere. In fact, his parents met in a dance hall and have passed down their passion for music to Denny. At a young age, Denny was exposed to an array of musical talent and genres ranging from pop, country, blues, rock, Celtic and bluegrass. Taking life experiences and meshing them with his country upbringing, Denny writes songs that can be felt deep in the heart and soul. He has a powerful commanding voice. You can catch Denny in an acoustic setting with just his guitar or catch his full band at your favorite honky-tonk, dance hall, rodeo or festival. Denny has found his voice as an artist and is steadily gaining popularity with his ability to connect with fans and musicians alike. Click on the above YouTube video link and listen to a song off his new EP.

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