Jason Boland & the Stragglers released their new album Squelch last Friday and if you listen to Kickin' Country 103.1, there's no doubt you have heard the song, 'Holy Relic Sale'.

Jason tells Rolling Stone the song was inspired by his wife's lucky pair of blue socks,

"These things — relics, good luck charms and such — all either get lost or break or fade in some capacity," Boland tells Rolling Stone Country. "What inspired the song was this one day, [when] my wife and I were rushing like crazy, trying to get ready because we had important things happening on this particular day. She has these lucky blue socks she was going to wear, to make sure all went well. You know, a little extra luck, if you will. . .Well, we had this amazing day and everything went so well. We were just in the best spirits. When we got home and changed, she realized that, in our haste, she put on the wrong socks. We laughed because everything worked out anyway. It all happened naturally."


If you're wondering when the Stragglers will be coming back to the Concho Valley, they'll perform at Blaine's Pub in downtown San Angelo next month on November 12th.