If you are looking for the newest album out, you have to read this!


If you are like most Texas Music Junkies out there, we live from record to record of our favorite artist. You spin the old album until the day that the new one comes out well let me tell you that day will be here sooner than you expect for those old Josh Abbott "She's Like Texas" Albums. Why you ask?  Only because the Josh Abbott Band drops their brand new record in stores tomorrow! "Small Town Family Dream" will hit store shelves and digital download platforms such as iTunes,Texas Lonestar Music etc. on April 24th. The new album includes 12 tracks of Texas love, on the list you will find his new radio single "Touch", "My Texas" the duet with Pat Green and Abbott's rendition of the Adam Hood and Brian Keane song "I'll Sing About Mine".

To pre order you copy of the album "Small Town Family Dream" click here.

Find more information on the new album and the Josh Abbott Band on their site.


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