After three long years, Uncle Lucius is finally releasing their long-anticipated album, The Light. After years of building an intensely die-hard fan base, the band called on them to help raise money. Finally, all of this has come to fruition tonight, June 8th, at midnight.

The Light has 12 songs on it, and all of them are genuine, rocking, soulful truths. One fan, Cornhusker Josh, summed it up perfectly saying,

How do these guys keep topping their prior albums? Best Writing. Best Vocals, and check out their live show. Ever go to a show and wonder why the guy doesn't sound like the studio album? Not with these guys. The light is insanely good.

You can find the entire album in iTunes, and you won't regret buying it. Here are the songs you'll find on the

  1. The Light
  2. Age of Reason
  3. Taking in the View
  4. Ouroboros
  5. End of 118
  6. No Time Flat
  7. Wheel's in Motion
  8. Gulf Coast Gypsies
  9. Flood Then Fade Away
  10. Don't Own the Right
  11. Nothing to Save
  12. Someday is a Far Cry

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